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Exp Rate : 100 Gold Rate : 50 Party Rate : 300 Server Time : 14:49
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ViceVersa 115 1515
Tompel 149 869
Dynamite 150 755
4 Yato 150 745
5 Asuna 150 674
Lushen EuxZero
Zevyn ForHonour
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Jul 10, 2020 / Notice

Glorious Luna - Rules

1. Do not abuse bugs or errors found within the game. ( depends )

2. Do not hack, scam, using bot or participate in any illegal activity in-game. ( perma ban )
* Macro/keys recorder that put other player at a disadvantage in certain situation or for Auto Hunting purposes will also lead you to banned.

3. Modifying the game client is strictly prohibited. ( perma ban )

4. Do not impersonate as Glorious Staff members. ( perma ban )

5. Do not advertise or promote other Luna Online / Plus server in-game.  ( perma ban )

6. Do not insult, racist, harass, discriminate or anything in common to any player. ( 1 day )
* This includes parents/family, nationality, religion, politics, racism, sexism, or anything targeting certain groups or individuals. 
* You can trash talk freely but there is a boundary. If that person is okay and not reporting you with the trash talk then it is fine.
* If you think whether it is acceptable or that might falls into these categories, don't do it.

7. Do not use bad words when creating a character name. ( Random nickname change )

8. Do not talk bad about the server and its staff.
* Also applies for spreading rumors with baseless accusation/proof towards us or other player.
* Don't spread hate. It is better to have a proper conversation with us. It will make our relationship better!

9. Do not make a false report to staff. ( 3 days )

10. Real Money Trading (RMT) is allowed. Negotiation must be done in private.

11. You are responsible for your own account including items inside it. 
* We are not responsible for those sharing their account with others.

12. Do not try to mess with the server in any way. ( IP Banned )

13. Intentionally hiding monster in any map. ( 1 day )

14. Kill Stealing (killing other player lured mob) in channel 1 is prohibited (No spot claim). ( 1 day )
* Proof need to be at least 30 second and a warn towards the offender (must show offender KS-ing more than once in a video).
* Intentionally baiting people to KS your mob will lead you to be ban instead.

15. Griefing or doing disruptive behavior towards other player in channel 1 is prohibited. ( 1 day )
* Proof need to be at least 30 second and a warn towards the offender.

16. Intentionally trying to sell item that has different tittle with the content of the stall (vending). ( 3 day )
* Also applies for soft-scam like selling an item that has the same icon as other item.

17. Guild Tournament registration with no participant. ( Delete guild, Leader banned )

18. Items lost during disconnection, server crash, accidental trade/drop or anything in common. Would not be replaced under any circumstances.

Side note: 
- Don't try 
avoiding ban and doing the same offense by using different account.
- Multiple offense of the same rules will lead you to be punished harder.
- Punishment for some of these rule may affect related account that you've used.
- You can contact us for any complain or suggestion through our fb fanspage or discord.
- If you think you've been wrongfully banned you can appeal it on our discord.
- If any account got banned and has related connection with you, then you have no rights to make a report. *Depends on the case

Any judgement made by staff is absolute and inviolable.

*last updated 02/04/2021